The new release of Secure Manager has a couple of new seller tools and online resources that help not only accelerate growth, but also scale quickly.

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Marketing Resources

After you are all set with your product placement and pricing, it is time to get to business. Running out of marketing and advertising materials or not being able to locate them quickly are the worst nightmares for any seller. This is why we have implemented quick access to all the marketing artifacts specific to your own brand from the client's area in Secure Manager. Now you will be able to easily access product brochures, data sheets, and other ready-to-print resources to help you promote your brand more effectively and grow your business.

Release Notes

Keeping up to date with the latest versions of your favorite secure products is difficult, yet it is crucial for keeping a competitive advantage in today's fast-paced world of business and technology. Similar to marketing resources, the latest release notes will also be waiting for you online just one click away from the client's area in Secure Manager. Always stay up to speed with the upcoming updates and hotfixes for the entire family of our secure products.

Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements

Apart from many bug fixes, the user interface and checkout page receive minor improvements, from which fixing an error during the purchasing of a SIM card or a bundle with a SIM card is the most notable one.


Since we are continually striving to improve and innovate, we depend on your feedback to help shape how our products and services evolve. Please follow the link below to share your thoughts and ask any questions you might have.




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