The latest version 1.26.0 of our distribution management platform introduces Idea Box, an ideation platform to exchange and vote on ideas.

Idea Box

The online Idea Box allows our partners and clients to contribute to our organization through their own valuable input. It also helps our Research & Development teams identify great new ideas that will help improve our range of secure products.  

Through the Idea Box, our users are able to evaluate, enhance, and vote on ideas best suited for implementation. We also believe it will help our marketing team, which is looking for ways to connect with our partners and conduct research internally, by providing a link to both quantitative and qualitative data which can be used to develop new features, marketing initiatives, and more.

Our Idea Box will also improve morale and partner sentiment by empowering our community to drive innovation. Transparency through the change process not only helps our partners be heard, but also gives them some insight into the business process.

The feature will be rolled out gradually, starting with key accounts. Please contact our support representatives if you want to have the idea box enabled in your account. 

Notable fixes

Secure Manager 1.26.0 features many notable fixes and improvements:

  • We have fixed the issue observed when an outstanding payment was missing when adding funds to your account.
  • Admin user interface was improved and simplified by removing the unused features and functionalities.


Since we are continually striving to improve and innovate, we depend on your feedback to help shape how our products and services evolve. Please follow the link below to share your thoughts and ask any questions you might have.




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