Today we released version 1.16.0 of Secure Manager, the billing and subscription management platform used by Secure Group's partners. This update brings several fixes to Secure BlackBerry management which increase efficiency and eliminate duplication of work.

Secure Manager v1.16.0

We have fixed a glitch that affected resellers with “Manage services” permissions. They experienced a strange behavior of the “Change account email” functionality, and when the account email of an active Secure BlackBerry service was changed in a subaccount’s profile, the service was re-assigned to the master profile. The latter had to log in to Secure Manager and assign it back to the subaccount. This bothersome and time-consuming issue has been handled with a major priority and resolved in the new release.


Stricter validation rules 

In that train of thought, with this release we have also strengthened the validation rules for Secure BlackBerry account password change to match the rules for Secure Phone. Now, the new account password must be at least eight characters long and contain at least one capital letter and one digit.


More convenient and user-friendly

Secure Manager v.1.16.0 also offers simpler user experience when it comes to ordering and invoicing. We addressed partner feedback about invoices for domain renewals missing service descriptions. With this release, all needed information has been added, along with the domain name and the renewal period.

Also, the “Apply also for SIM Card #xxx” checkbox has been made visible to save partners time when managing many subscriptions. It allows Secure Manager users to renew at once their Secure BlackBerry subscription and the associated SIM service.

Lastly, we have fixed an issue that caused order duplication. Now, you can press the Back button of your browser after submitting an order and selecting PayPal as a payment method, and Secure Manager will empty your shopping cart immediately. This allows you to easily return to an order and make changes, without risking to duplicate it.


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