Today we released version 1.17.0 of Secure Manager, the billing and subscription management platform used by Secure Group's partners. With this update, we have fixed various reported issues that used to hamper service management, leading to a suboptimal user experience.

Secure Manager v1.17.0

Seamless SIM card management

Because of missing content in SIM Status drop-down, users were unable to specify the filtering criteria and get results. Also, the Change Subaccount management action failed to save changes when applied to an active SIM service. This update leaves both issues behind.

Smooth service reactivation

We found a defect in the system whereby a Secure Phone subscription could be reactivated for the second time while the first reactivation was being processed. This bug resulted in a mismatch between the service billing cycle and the recurring price on the invoice. With Secure Manager V1.17.0, the service reactivation process now operates smoothly.

Correct and timely domain renewal notifications

Getting incorrect notifications at the wrong time can be particularly annoying, and this is precisely what used to happen with our domain renewal reminders. We have addressed this problem, ensuring that users receive correct renewal notifications at the right time.


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