Secure Group, a leader in secure communication solutions, unveils its new Secure OS 3.0. This version is developed to integrate seamlessly with X1, Secure Group’s new flagship encrypted device.


Multi-layered defense

In the constantly evolving landscape of mobile communications, hackers exploit multiple vulnerabilities at once to gain control of your phone. Secure OS 3.0, as previous versions of the operating system, comes with multiple defense layers that offer full 360-degree protection for user’s data. 

  • Reduced attack surface – Secure OS purges inherited vulnerabilities, common for all smartphones. The installation of third-party apps is admin-vetted, and all data-collecting Google services are removed to guarantee the privacy of our users. The operating system disables exploitable sensors such as the GPS by default and allows to granularly control other sensors and hardware features, allowing administrators to reduce the attack surface even further.
  • Anti-data-mining - The custom content provider ensures that no third-party app can silently collect data from other apps on the mobile device.
  • Anti-tamper wipe  - In case of physical tampering with the device, Secure OS will wipe all information stored on it to ensure it doesn’t get in the wrong hands.
  • Custom recovery mode - The custom recovery mode does not allow access to the files without the signer's public cryptography key.
  • Boot integrity check  - At every reboot, the custom partition validation scans all the mobile device’s hard drives to check if they are not infected with malware.
  • Password advisor - The password advisor directs users on how to set strong passwords for our platforms and provides accessible hints for managing them.

What’s new in Secure OS 3.0

Secure OS 3.0 is based on Android 8.1.0 and continues our no-compromise, 360-degree protection of communications. This version has been optimized for X1, our new encrypted mobile device. Secure OS 3.0 comes with a range of new and improved features, such as a more convincing Incognito Mode, a more functional dashboard with simplified navigation, and bigger UI elements, fonts, and graphics, introducing greater visibility and information experience to compliment the 5.5-inch HD screen of the X1.     

Optimization for the new generation of X1 devices

The internal architecture of Secure OS 3.0 makes full use of the faster quad-core processor of the X1, ensuring smoother and more stable performance. UI elements, texts, and graphics have been redesigned to allow greater visibility, taking advantage of the larger 5.5-inch screen of the new hardware model.


We also made the communication dashboard more informative. Users now have fast access to the Password Advisor and the new currency calculator. The dashboard also continues to show all app-related notifications in a structured, easy-to-grasp way.

With the launch of X1, we are removing the Status Screen, which displayed information about the condition of the phone’s hardware and potential security threats. Users can focus fully on their communications, as all checks are now performed seamlessly in the background.

More convincing Incognito Mode

Developed to disguise Secure OS, Incognito Mode displays an Android home screen populated with fake apps. The operating system disables all Internet connections, completely masking your encrypted device.


Secure OS 3.0 Incognito Mode now presents a variety of widely popular apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, and TripAdvisor, along with several fully working games, such as Chess, Minesweeper, and Solitaire, looking much more convincing in case of an inspection. 

Simplified flow for renewing subscriptions

To simplify the subscription process, Secure OS 3.0 now has a dedicated top-up function that will notify users when their subscription is about to expire. Users can easily renew it with a top-up code.

Currency conversion calculator

Secure OS 3.0 now features a currency conversion calculator, providing users with the freedom to check rates and calculate conversions directly on their encrypted phone.


Continuous improvement

We have now reached a new level in our quest to make cybersecurity ubiquitously accessible. With the release of Secure OS 3.0 and the flagship X1 phone, we have managed to offer greater security and simplified user experience, addressing the needs of privacy-concerned executives and business owners. As threats to mobile security evolve, we will continue to release frequent updates to our product lineup, focusing on guaranteeing the safety of data for various user groups.

User and partner feedback helps us in the process of adjusting our solutions to the consumers’ needs. All our partners can send their suggestions through the network-management platform – Secure Manager, ensuring a user-centric product development approach.

Secure your communications

Cybersecurity has become essential in the ever-evolving world of mobile communications. It is the only guarantee that your data won’t be stolen and used by third parties against you. At Secure Group, we offer a complete set of services to protect your business and personal information. Join the quest for making cybersecurity more accessible and monetize the opportunity by becoming a part of our Master Distributor Network.