This month we officially launched the new major version of our operating system – Secure OS 3.0. The rise in the solution’s value is evident by the good feedback from users and partners we’ve been receiving and the increasing interest in our solutions.


We’re launching the new version of Secure OS, fixing some issues, introduced in the major release and optimizing the user experience with the product to ensure the maximum possible simplicity and easier adaptability.

Improved Information Experience

We’ve ensured that the counters on the Dashboard, displaying core notifications regarding our communication apps, are always displaying proper information. Version 3.0 introduced a bug that caused losing and reestablishing the connection to display null values on the counters. Within the current flow, the null values will be displayed only during a connection loss and the counter will be updated with the adequate information once connection is reestablished. This way we ensure our users have an always-accurate view of all their communications and missed notifications.

Optimized Troubleshooting

In version 3.1.0, we’re adding the support email and support phone back to My Account tab in Device Settings for users to be able to promptly contact support and receive help for their issues and problems.

We’ve also updated the bug capturing functionality, available during Alpha and Beta testing. The device is now sending bug reports directly to Secure Administration System (SAS) for easier troubleshooting, requiring less manual interactions from users, and automating the crash capturing process. 

Incognito Mode: Better Camouflaging

We’ve updated the Incognito Mode, adding commonly used apps in Secure OS 3.0, to look more convincing during an inspection. However, the Battery Optimizer in Incognito Mode was displaying the Secure Email and Secure Chat processes, making it easier to detect that the user carries a specialized communication device. We fixed the problem, and the encrypted applications are not shown anymore, allowing much better camouflaging through the Incognito Mode.

Better User Experience

The main focus of version 3.1.0 is to improve the user experience and solve issues that people were having with the new major version of Secure OS. We’ve addressed multiple problems to simplify flows and purge obstacles ruining the user experience.

User and partner feedback significantly helps us in the process of promptly finding and resolving such issues, so we want to thank you all for your input and encourage you to continue doing so. Such efforts help us release hotfixes much faster and more effectively and tailor our solutions to your needs more precisely.

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