We have already released our new encrypted communication mobile phone X1 earlier this month. The only issue that user feedback pointed us at so far, was a bug during the enrollment process, which is addressed in the new Secure OS 3.2.0. Otherwise, the in-house developed solutions attract wide interest from the target market, and users across the globe are already purchasing, enrolling, and enjoying the unmatched combination of data security and hardware integrity, offered by our devices.


Secure OS 3.2.0 optimizes user flows, simplifying the enrollment process, and addresses minor bug fixes, aiming to achieve a stable, bug-free version and add value to the user experience offered by X1 devices. 

Optimized Enrollment

We received feedback from some new users that updating the OS during enrollment was causing a crashing version to be installed or the user to enter an update loop. To address these issues and simplify the enrollment process, we’ve removed Secure OS updates from it, ensuring perfect functionality.

On every sync with our mobile device management platform Secure Administration System (SAS), the device performs an OS version validation. If there’s a new version of Secure OS, SAS will automatically push a notification to the encrypted mobile phone, urging the user to update. To perform a Secure OS update, the user needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Continuous Improvement

Feedback from users towards their distributor, and from our partners towards Secure Group, helps us be more flexible and promptly react to unexpected issues or market changes. We will continue to improve our solutions, increase their value, and personalize them even more to the needs of users and partners. Follow us to get updates on our new releases, latest trends in the industry, and powerful market-insights.


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