The new version of Secure OS 3.2.2 introduces advanced security updates and an improved user experience. We examined and optimized the performance of the Incognito mode, the battery usage algorithm to display predictions more accurately, and resolved a few mobile data-related issues.

Moreover, Secure OS 3.2.2 comes with the addition of a Chinese keyboard, allowing users' communication to reach new borders.


Upgraded visual responsiveness of the dashboard

In Secure OS 3.2.2 we added significant updates to the design of the dashboard, revealing a better-distributed space between the apps, making it more pleasant to the eyes.

Thus the quick-access dashboard serves the users more intuitively, giving access to core functions and updated notifications.

Camera Functions Completely Disabled from SAS

When the camera function is off from SAS, it is expected to prevent all related functionalities on the phone. Despite that, we noticed a slide issue that even after the sync, the Vault's take photo and video buttons were visible on the dashboard, confusing the user to press on them. We addressed the bug by removing the camera-related functionalities on the dashboard once the camera is disabled from SAS.

Sync Available Even When Traffic Quota is Reached

We've received feedback from partners that the policy sync is interrupted when mobile data quota is reached. The OS policy updates are an essential part of the product and should exist no matter the limit set in from SAS. We've vetted the bugs, allowing only the Policy Manager to be able to sync any policy coming to the phone when the mobile data quota is reached. 

Optimized Currency Converter App

Previously the Currency Converter app showed errors such as: "Exchange Rate is temporarily unavailable," which hindered users benefiting from its capabilities. In Secure OS 3.2.2, we addressed the issue, and the currency converter is now showing the correct data.

Fixed Function for Wipe Password Upgrade

After changing the wipe password on the device, the pin code was not accepted on the initial attempt. Our QA team found the bug, and has been resolved in Secure OS 3.2.2.

No way to logout from the account

In Secure OS 3.2.2, we've addressed a problematic option that allowed users to have multiple accounts that could log in manually. This way, someone would have been able to impersonate the user on another device by stealing his/her account credentials.

As a result of the issue resolved, a single account can be used only on the device it is authenticated on so the unintended person cannot use the same credentials to authenticate and impersonate the user on another device.

Continues Improvements

We've also addressed other minor issues and bugs reported by partners through the Ideas Box. Such as the fact that SIM Logger generated multiple logs and consumed a lot of data. 

In Secure OS 3.2.2, improvements have been made related to the RSSI range values, and signal strength included in the sampling SIM log and smoother performance of the Incognito mode, removing the delay in changing the wallpaper while switching modes.

We always aim at improving our solutions and adding more value for users and partners with every update. Subscribe to our blog to follow what improves with each release and be on top of the latest trends in digital threats.


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