Secure OS 3.2.4 introduces a new, faster, and more responsive keyboard that significantly improves the typing experience on X1 devices.

Release highlights 

New keyboard with easy access to emoticons 👍😎

During the past couple of months, we saw an increase in complaints regarding the stock keyboard on X1 devices. Some users were experiencing glitches during typing, while others complained about the lack of customization options and the obscure access to emoticons. 

The new SecureKeyboard addresses all these issues and dramatically improves the typing experience on X1 devices. The new keyboard offers better processing speeds, making typing much faster and error-free. In addition to that, emoticons are now just a tap away and can be easily accessed from the shortcut button right next to the space bar.  

To switch to the new keyboard, just tap the Keyboard icon in the navigation bar and select  SecureKeyboard

Secure Keyboard Change

Easy keyboard customization 

SecureKeyboard also brings a host of customization options, allowing users to fine-tune the typing experience on their device. Users can now easily adjust options such as the theme, size, autocorrect settings, and many more. 

Customizing SecureKeyboard is simple; tap on the Settings icon, navigate to System > Languages & input > Virtual keyboard >SecureKeyboard, and make the desired adjustments. 

Secure Keyboard Settings

Notable fixes:

  • Simplified Settings menu
  • Enhanced stability and performance

Secure OS 3.2.4 will be available to all users starting 08.03.2021. For more information on this version of Secure OS, please visit our Release Notes page.

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