The new version of Secure OS 4.1.0 introduces advanced features and security updates alongside a better user experience revealing the launch of the newest device X2.

Moreover, Secure OS 4.1.0 comes with the addition of multiple improvements on the Dashboard itself as well as ease of use with the very first enrollment.

Release highlights 

Upgraded visual responsiveness of the dashboard

In Secure OS 4.1.0 we added significant updates to the design of the dashboard, revealing a better-distributed space between the apps, making it more pleasant to the eyes and accessible while using in one hand.

Thus, the quick-access dashboard serves the users more intuitively, giving access to core functions and updated notifications.



Using your device straight after enrollment

We have made sure that you can use the device straight after inputting your account details while you wait for the installation of all apps by adding the button “Proceed in Background” which dismisses the screen for download and installation of the apps and sends you straight to the dashboard where you can continue setting up your applications such as Chat and Vault.


OS update notification is no longer dismissed when there is no Wi-Fi

Prior to when there was an OS update and you had no WiFi, the notification was dismissed and therefore users happened to be left on older versions of the OS. With the new changes, the notification is not hidden even if you are only connected to Mobile Data.


Screen lockout expiration countdown.

After further analysis and feedback, we have added a screen lockout timer. Whenever you input the wrong Screen lock PIN several times, you will be presented with a countdown timer showing you the time left before you are able to enter the PIN again. The same applies to the encryption password input whenever you reboot the device.


Multiple applications and Favorites

When a user is allowed to have access to multiple applications now they are able to manage the custom Apps which are on your Dashboard, they can simply select the favorite (up to 5) applications that they would like to pin to be always visible while the rest of the applications added additionally stay in a full-screen menu accessible directly from the Apps section on the Dashboard.

Emergency Center is introduced

With the new Secure OS 4.1.0, we introduce the Emergency Center located in the Power menu accessible with the power button which gives you several options from which to send an emergency message to a contact you select in the Secure Chat application, additionally, it gives you a Sound alarm in case you feel you are in danger so you can attract attention as well as the quick Wipe functionality setting in the "SOS and data reset" which performs a wipe command on your device instantaneously and sends an emergency message to the selected emergency contact all at once.

Calendar Security improvements

We have updated the security of the Calendar App, allowing you to have a completely separate PIN or Password to take measures into securing your appointments information and details within your set tasks.



Other improvements: 

  • Language and Time zone Support
  • Minor issues with the OS keyboard on both Android Keyboard and Secure Keyboard


In Secure OS 4.1.0, improvements have been made related to the APN settings, noise cancelation; additionally, we have added multiple UAE Time zones as well as a fixed overlay of the keyboard.

Every OS update provides security improvements to ensure better privacy for our customers. Subscribe to our blog to follow what improves with each release and be on top of the latest trends in digital threats.


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