Secure Group, the leader in secure, encrypted voice calls and real-time messaging, today unveiled a security and functionality update to Secure OS.

The new release of our custom version of Android OS is designed with innovative technology to protect against the full range of threats for trusted security of your most sensitive voice and text communications. It eliminates all back-door and data-leak risks from the standard Android OS and adds many security features, like stronger full disk encryption, separate passcodes for unlocking the device and decrypting the locally stored data, and a more private notification system.

secure os 250

Introducing Password Advisor

Managing dozens of different and complex passwords to make sure your privacy is protected can certainly be a challenge. The new version of Secure OS, 2.5.0, introduces Password Advisor, a standalone application to help you securely store and easily manage all your secure passwords in one place, as well as gain insights about your device protection and security features. 

Password - advisor

Quick actions for Secure Vault

Secure Vault is our encrypted container app to store all your notes and files. Now you can easily make photos and videos using the quick actions from the dashboard and save them to Secure Vault.


Fixed issues and improvements

The new release also includes fixes to several issues, as well as improvements to various system components. The most noticeable one is the newly implemented ability to get a new version of the Android Recovery in the same way you would receive an OS update - as an OTA update. Android Recovery Mode allows users to fix some problems in their phones or tablets. It may be useful if you notice that your device is not acting right.

There are also improvements in the update flow for Secure Applications, dashboard interface, as well as reinforced integration with our Secure Administration System (SAS).


Since we are constantly striving to improve and innovate, we depend on your feedback to help shape how our products and services evolve. Please follow the link below to share your thoughts and ask any questions you might have.




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