All Android devices ship with a recovery environment preinstalled. This recovery software can be used to restore the device to factory default settings, update its operating system, and perform other diagnostic tasks.

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Our Secure Phones use a customized version of the recovery mode instead of the stock Android. It is straightforward to use, and the recovery mode gives access to basic maintenance functions. It is also possible to install OTA (over-the-air) updates straight to the phone. When your phone is connected to the Internet, updates download automatically and prompt you to install.

Secure OS v 2.5.0 introduced an option to download a new Recovery version directly from the Secure Administration System (SAS), as an OTA update. When the Recovery update was downloaded onto the phone, you would receive a notification that you need to reboot to Recovery in order to install the new version.

The issue observed only on the HTC One M9 devices caused the OS not to recognize the newly installed Recovery version, prompting the user to install it again. This was addressed in the latest release of Secure OS, and the fix was applied to version 2.5.1, so the new Recovery version is flashed successfully and OS can read it correctly without getting into the installation loop.

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