The new version of Secure OS, 2.2.0, introduces Emergency Center and Incognito Mode. These new features help you react quicker in critical situations, and give you more control over wiping the device when necessary.

Secure OS 2.2.0 brings new features that help users react quicker in critical situations.

Quick emergency response

Secure Phone’s advanced security features such as Secure Wipe and Incognito Mode, are now in one place – the Emergency Center. It is accessible from the Status and Home screens by swiping up from the bottom, so depending on the situation you can take adequate measures: format your device storage or activate Incognito Mode. 


Swipe up to access the Emergency Center


Special mode to avoid intruders

Incognito Mode is a feature that disguises your Secure Phone as a regular smartphone. It shows a fake home screen populated with decoy apps like Instagram, Opera, Camera, Gallery, etc. In this mode, Secure Phone disables all installed applications and wireless connections so the intruder cannot access any information. Incognito can be activated quickly from the Lock screen as well as from your Home screen using the Emergency Center.


Incognito Mode shows a fake home screen with decoy icons.


Increased user control 

Among the features that make Secure Phone a leader in mobile security are the numerous ways to wipe it, both remotely and from the device. With today’s release, we add one more option and make the device wipe possible from the Status, Home, Decryption, and Lock screens. Users can now set their Duress password, which applied instead of the decryption or the screen lock password, will stealthily erase all data on the device. In addition, v2.2.0 offers user-configurable lock screen timeout and provides comfortable use without compromising your security.


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