Today we released a new version of Secure OS. Though a fairly small update, it brings important enhancements to the Secure Phone’s usability and user experience.

Secure OS v2.3.0

More settings at hand

We’ve re-arranged the Settings menu to make it more user-friendly. At the top, you will now see My Account section, where you can find information about your account, along with an option to change your account password. Next is the MDM policy, another new section that shows in detail the available hardware functionality and installed applications on your Secure Phone. The Security section now contains an option to change your encryption password, as well as helpful info about its complexity requirements. We have also improved the working mechanism of the Duress password, with its change and activation no longer requiring a reboot.


The re-arranged Settings menu


Security improvements

To further strengthen the security of our devices, we have disabled Quick Settings on the Lock screen. As a result, no unauthorized party can bypass your PIN in an attempt to turn on a wireless connection or activate the Airplane mode. In addition, we have made the SAS connectivity status indicator visible on any screen in Secure Mode so that you can always know whether your device is connected to our infrastructure or not.


Secure OS 2.3.0 is now available on SAS. Update and share your thoughts on the changes. Use the link below to give us feedback about Secure OS and Secure Phone or let us know how we can improve them to serve you best. 



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