Today we released one of the most comprehensive updates of Secure OS that will transform the way users interact with our encrypted devices. Significant improvements have been made to the interface, enrollment process, and password management to ensure that using Secure Phone remains as easy and intuitive as possible.
Secure OS v2.4.0

Dashboard, your personal communication hub

Providing an intuitive user experience with Secure Phone has been a priority for us since we launched our OS back in 2014. Today, we are announcing Dashboard, the new Secure Phone default widget-based home screen that will allow users to access the phone’s most used applications and keep track of their most important notifications.

In Secure OS 2.4.0, the built-in widgets include Secure Email, Secure Chat, and Secure Vault, as well as Calculator, Clock, and Alarms. See the diagram below for details about each Dashboard element.

 Secure Phone Dashboard explained

After updating to v2.4.0, the Dashboard is the only place where you can access your secure applications for encrypted communication and storage: Secure Email, Secure Chat, and Secure Vault. For the Dashboard to show information from the three apps, you need to make a few initial configurations: in each secure app widget, tap on the app name and enter (or set) the respective Security Lock. When done, all widgets’ counters get updated immediately.


Single-pass enrollment

With this release, we аre making the enrollment process shorter and easier by removing the Encryption password setup from the initial Secure Phone configuration. From now on, during device enrollment, users will be required to set only one password, which will be used both for screen unlocking and for storage encryption, until the user sets a separate Encryption password. We highly recommend you do so because the Encryption password is your main protection against data extraction.


Simplified password management

As Secure Phone features multiple layers of protection and each layer is unlocked with a different password, users sometimes get frustrated with having to manage many passwords, each with a separate management interface. With the new update, we have addressed these challenges by providing a consistent Change password flow for all passwords used across the device and having all options to change the Lock screen, Encryption and Wipe passwords grouped in one place, Settings > Security.



Secure Group is committed to offering the best encryption technologies, devices, and services that fit the preferences of our users and ensure the highest level of protection. As with every major change, we would greatly appreciate your feedback: leave a comment below, visit to post ideas and report problems, or just write us an email. We always pay close attention to all customer feedback and try to improve our products to meet your needs.



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