Secure Vault is an end-to-end encrypted file storage that allows our users to store files, conversations, messages, notes, and backups in a single, unified place. The application is virtually isolated from other apps. Тhrough Secure Chat and Secure Email you can attach stored files or download new ones to ease users.

For the new update of the encrypted file storage, our development team has focused on the user-experience and functionality, especially connected to using the camera feature within the app.

Expanded Camera Functionalities

The main purpose of the application is to store files in an encrypted format. To ease users' management of visual files, Secure Vault 1.3.0. introduces new in-app camera features that provide superior capabilities, compared to previous versions:

  • Allowed camera zoom functionality - so that users can capture smaller details or distant objects;
  • Flash sensor management - for higher photo quality in environments with limited light;
  • Ability to switch between front and back camera - eases users efforts to capture every moment they want;
  • On-tap focus - higher detail quality within each photo, allowing easier capturing of physical documents.

Optimized User Experience

The technical flow of previous versions, related to capturing photos directly in the app, introduced cumbersome user experience as users were forced to close and reopen the in-app camera if making consecutive photos or videos. The new version of the encrypted file storage allows device owners to capture multiple photos and videos in a row. This technical flow eases the process and drastically simplifies user experience.

The preview format of videos is also updated, presenting greater visibility and adaptability.

Bug fixes 

We have also fixed some bugs with minor reproducibility causing Secure Vault to crash when running in the background while the user was accessing different features and apps within the encrypted mobile solution.

We've also addressed the issue that trying to instantly save a video caused the captured content to get corrupted, resulting in inability to save it.

Constant Innovation

To be at the frontline of innovation, we constantly analyze users’ and partners’ needs, tailoring our products to them. In today’s digital world, where users demand personalization, these processes guarantee our competitiveness, secure tangible business results, and help us introduce constant innovation.