Our encrypted file storage application, Secure Vault, is already seamlessly integrated within the new X1 device models with perfect hardware integrity.


We have received feedback from users and partners, regarding an unexpected bug, causing loss of data. The issue is addressed in the new version, Secure Vault 1.3.1, a hotfix allowing seamless user experience and stable environment.

Losing the Last Saved File When Force-stopping the App on a System Level

After investigating the reported problem, we’ve found out that killing Secure Vault’s process on a system level and force-stopping the application was causing it to lose the last saved file. Our development team has redesigned the flow on a technical level to ensure the smooth user experience and perfect functionality of the application.


Adding Value to the Future

Partner and user feedback helps us not only spot unknown problems and resolve them. It contributes to our flexibility and allows us to develop our solutions to be centered around the needs of prospects whose data they protect. So we continue to urge you to send your ideas and problems through our specially facilitated partner-exclusive platform – the Idea Box, accessible from Secure Manager.

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