Today we officially release the Secure Vault application to all Secure Phone users. Secure Vault is an encrypted container app for storage of all your files and notes. It has been available in beta for a few months during which we have gathered helpful insights about its performance and usability. The beta period has helped us to release a reliable, high-performing application, and thus, provide Secure Phone users with an improved experience.

Secure Vault v1.0

High-grade storage security

Secure Vault provides strong protection for your sensitive files and notes using AES XTS encryption with SHA-512 hashing. When the app is not in use, all information inside is encrypted. To access the files inside and use a file stored in Secure Vault, a user first has to decrypt the container by entering a preset Security Lock - which could be a PIN or a password. The container will stay unlocked as long as it is in use, and will automatically get locked as soon as the user leaves it.

Secure Vault, our new encrypted container app

Usability and performance

Secure Vault is fully integrated with Secure Chat, delivering a safe place to store files received as chat attachments, like videos and photos, even audio messages. Text messages in Secure Chat can be saved as files in the container, and then viewed and edited via the app built-in note editor. At the same time, Secure Chat users can quickly attach and send as an attachment any file stored in Secure Vault. The app is also capable of creating backups that are uploaded directly to the SAS. Thus, you can restore your files after a device wipe.

Keep an encrypted backup of your container files and notes on SAS

We are very excited about our new app launch, and we are eager to hear your thoughts! If you see something we need to address or have any ideas on Secure Vault, use the link below to give us your feedback and suggestions.  



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