Secure Group, or more specifically, I would like to thank the Association des Avocats de la Défense de Montréal (Association of Defense Attorneys of Montreal), for the opportunity to present to them on Thursday, Jan 29th. The importance of security and privacy to the legal profession is paramount, and Secure Group is honored to help inform those who protect our rights about the coming trends in the privacy and security sector. 



Along with attorney Alexandre Bergevin, a good friend and consummate professional, I provided the association with a strong run-down of not only the importance of encryption today, but the history of it, and the threats faced in the modern world.




Alexandre covered the legal ramifications, and brought the presentation home to his colleagues admirably. I owe a great debt of thanks for his help in presenting, as well as his expertise in legal matters. In addition, the AADM proved to be an excellent group, challenging me with intelligent, thought-provoking questions, as well as providing an excellent venue for our discussion. 


The legal profession has to be cognizant of security and privacy trends as a whole, but in particular, it is important to defense attorneys, who guard our rights, and help create the laws that will protect us in the future, to know more about the everyday threats to our privacy that will soon be hitting the courtrooms. These can include such issues as data and tracking information from IMSI catchers, malware spying apps, and much more. Not only does a strong partnership with security technology companies make sense due to the legislation that needs to be created to govern new technologies, but also, defense attorneys need to protect their daily lives, including case files and other confidential documents. It is my fervent hope that the presentation provided to this honorable group gave them the information they needed, or at least  the questions they need to ask, in order to keep themselves and those they are sworn to protect safe from unlawful searches, theft of data, eavesdropping, and other violations of privacy.


Our discussion began with an in depth look at the history of cryptography, and how we have come to the complexities of today's highly technical methodologies. One of the key take-aways from this portion of the presentation is that protection of one's secrets has not only gotten more important over the years, but also infinitely more complex. 


We then moved on to some of the common threats today, in particular for mobile phone technologies. Of these, the most prevalent, and possibly most insidious, is the IMSI catcher. These are increasingly challenging for defense attorneys as the legal ramifications of these devices are far reaching, and not yet adequately legislated. These are used both by law enforcement and criminals alike, making these devices and what can be done with them a strong focus of the presentation.




Upcoming blog entries and other writing will expand on this topic in days to come, but for the AADM, this threat proved particularly compelling due to the number of different attack vectors possible, and the increasing prevalence of it. Other topics covered included carrier based interception, and the deals governments have made allowing government agencies the ability to track, listen in, and record conversations, emails, SMS, and more, with a warrant or sometimes without. We also covered several methods of combating this threat including, of course, our very own Secure Phone. 


All in all it was a productive, educational day for both the association and myself, not to mention an invaluable opportunity to meet those at the forefront dealing with the repercussions of these devices. I look forward to the next time and encourage all participants to reach out to me, and let me know what they liked best, and what they want to know more about in future presentations, blog posts, or webcasts. We look forward to hearing from you!

Here is the presentation. Note it was created for a french speaking audience, and an english version is on it's way. For those able to follow along, enjoy!

And here's something from Alexandre Bergevin, our rock star of the legal world.