We often repeat that privacy is a fundamental human right. The independence of thought it gives people is necessary for social and political progress. The alternative is tyranny. In today’s world of ubiquitous mobile communications, using encryption is the first step towards preserving that right. Secure Group, however, takes things further with complete solutions for private and secure conversations.

In today’s world of ubiquitous mobile communications, using encryption is the first step towards preserving the right to privacy.

Human rights watchdog Amnesty International has stated encryption is a matter of human rights. And they are right to do so. Every communication service people use is facilitated by the provider company’s server infrastructure. If messages go through it unencrypted, the company – and often the government as well – can read their content. There is more than enough evidence that this is happening in Western societies, you can count on authoritarian regimes being even more intrusive.

Human rights activists and dissidents in such countries have a lot more to worry about than governments reading their messages:

Strong encryption brings you only halfway to countering these challenges. Given their scope, people who have legitimate reasons to worry about surveillance need a complete approach to mobile security. It boils down to understanding surveillance technology and the vulnerabilities it exploits. Once you know what to look for, you can choose the right tools to secure your communications.

Secure Group’s solutions for stronger human rights 

The above is an integral part of Secure Group’s mission as a company. We believe that people need to be empowered to make informed decisions about their communications security. And when they are, they should be given the tools to control and customize the tools they use, plus a wide array of extra features meant to address specific threats. You don’t have to take a leap of faith and trust that our solutions are good. We have all the info, including our code, available on display so that you could verify our claims.

Secure Group is a provider of encrypted communications solutions. We offer devices and subscription for services, designed to be the ultimate, one-stop solution for your privacy. Our package includes end-to-end encrypted communications, secure devices, mobile device management, and carrier independence.

Strong end-to-end encryption

Secure Pack is a suite of end-to-end encrypted apps that use industry-leading cryptographic protocols to secure communications over email, chat, and VoIP. The three apps in the suite provide strong protection against eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks due to sophisticated identification algorithms. Also, each has its own encrypted storage for contacts, received files, and history, which is inaccessible to other apps on the device – thus, protecting you from surveillance malware.

Hack-proof mobile devices

Our flagship product, Secure Phone, is a secure communications device, designed to withstand online and offline hacking attempts. The OS it runs on has been modified to reduce the attack surface by controlling (or removing) the access to Google Services, Internet browsing, and customizing the system kernel, libraries, and app framework. It also has the following features:

  • Enterprise firewall, protecting users from phishing attacks by blocking specific domains.
  • IMSI-Catcher Detector – an app which alerts users if they are in the vicinity of a fake cell tower.
  • Wipe capabilities. Users can erase all data on Secure Phone remotely or through the Secure Wipe app. Unlike a mere delete or factory reset, information cannot be restored after this wipe.

Instant connectivity

Secure Phone comes paired with Secure SIM, a multi-IMSI card, which provides unlimited data coverage across the globe. You do not have to deal with mobile operators and carriers in any country. At the same time, if one carrier’s network experiences technical problems and cannot provide coverage, the SIM can automatically switch IMSIs and connect to another operator’s network. This provides ultimate connectivity regardless of your location. Think of the device as a satellite smartphone, and of Secure Group as your secure carrier.



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